Workshops & Seminars

* August Winter Fruit Tree Workshops - - Herne Hill and Bedfordale - read the flyer here

Throughout the year I am holding a series of workshops and seminars covering all aspects of sustainable food growing, especially fruit, nut and vine crops. There are sessions suitable for everyone, from beginners through to professionals - some are run annually and others every two-three years. Topics include:

  • Designing and planning an edible landscape
  • Building up healthy living soils
  • Basic garden design - using plants to slash home heating & cooling costs
  • Soil preparation, planting fruit and vegetables
  • Pruning, training and espaliering fruit trees and vines
  • Formative pruning and care of ornamental trees & shrubs
  • Pests, diseases & disorders of ornamental plants
  • Plant propagation - the priciples & practices - seeds, cuttings & layering
  • Budding & grafting fruit trees & ornamentals
  • Winter care and summer care of fruit trees, vines and vegetables
  • Growing fruit trees & ornamentals in pots & containers
  • Water-wise gardening - installing & maintaining irrigation systems
  • Growing luscious grapes, berries & currant
  • Growing tropical fruits in a hot dry climate
  • I can also tailor workshops, seminars and training sessions to suit your needs, or if you have suggestions on other topics, please don't hesitate to contact me.

To register your interest and be notified of all events by email, contact me

  • I am also a regular presenter with the Beyond Gardens team. We run a big series of FREE three hour workshops all over the state - go to - it would be good for you to attend one of these, as you will learn the basic philosophies of sustainability that we promote.