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Fruit Tree Pruning & Physiology (20/06/15)

Here are eight introductory videos on pruning deciduous trees and its affect on tree physiology, with bits & pieces about general tree care. Please note it's now into winter, so we hand strip the leaves to reflect winter (dormant) pruning, and it doesn't harm them. My thanks to Peter Hipe for the great job on filming and editing (if you want some video work done, contact Peter here). Detailed, species specific videos will be available soon.

* 1. Pruning gear and some basic physiology - view it here

* 2. Root systems, scale insects and basic pruning parameters - view it here

* 3. Effects of winter pruning deciduous tree, and the first 1-2-3 of pruning - view it here

* 4. Starting with a peach, we look at structural and fruit-wood pruning - view it here

* 5. Detailed pruning for fruiting wood replacement where needed annually - view it here

* 6. Moving to apricots and plums, which set most fruit on spur-wood - view it here

* 7. Some general tips for all trees, formative pruning & trellising (espalier) - view it here

* 8. Apples, pears (spur-bearing); balancing canopy growth (all species) - view it here

Growing Fruit Trees in Pots (03/06/13)

* 1. Pot types and sizes, making a wine barrel pot - view it here

* 2. The growing medium (my potting mix recipe) - view it here

* 3. Nursery stock, planting and establishing the trees - view it here