Consultancy services are offered in a number of different ways to suit your requirements, from a one hour appointment through to on-going consultancies on an annual basis. Unlike many others, I am happy to list my charges up-front so you know exactly where you stand.

1. Property Visits:

A minimum of one hour on site plus you receive follow-up help.

  • Hourly rate: $132 per hour on site plus 1 follow-up phone or email query.

  • Two hour visit: $198 for a visual property inspection and verbal advice for up to two hours plus 2 follow-up queries - the most popular service with hobby farmers or people with larger gardens (extra hours @ $66/hr).

  • Half-Day: $396 for up to 3.5 hours on site, a brief written report plus 2 follow-up phone or email consults.

  • Full Day: $616 for up to 6.5 hours, a written report plus 3 follow-up phone or email consults.

2. On-going Consultations:

By quotation, but give significant reductions on normal rates, plus on-going immediate access by phone or email.

3. Property Management Plans:

By quotation, but start at $880 for a basic management plan for example, which includes two site visits with written reports, plus four extra phone or email enquiries per year. The plan will cover most, if not all of the topics you need to know to maintain a healthy, safe & productive property, including soil management, fire management, stocking, tree management and pest, disease & weed control.

4. Fruit, Nut & Vine Crops:

Hands-on instruction for pruning, training, propagation, grafting, etc plus general verbal advice - $165 for the first two hours (minimum) on-site plus $66 per extra hour.

5. Edible Landscape Designs:

Let me help you design a practical, sustainable food garden that will also look good! Most food plants can be ornamental too - I will go through any restraints or pitfalls so you'll never regret what you choose to plant. These designs include integrating ornamentals (& many native species) to embrace permaculture principles. There are three choices:

A. Basic service:

A two-hour property visit and assessment, a discussion of what you want to grow, and the pros & cons of your wish-list. If there is time, we can sit down and pencil down a simple planting layout. This service includes two follow up email or phone queries, and costs $198.

B. Intermediate service:

A three-hour property visit and assessment, a discussion of what you want to grow, then we sit down and pencil down a planting layout and a work progression calender. Prior to my visit I will send you a number of fact-sheets listing all the species of fuits, nuts, vines, vegetables & herbs for you to 'check-list'. This service includes three follow up email or phone queries, and costs $396.

C. A full landscape plan includes:

An initial telephone consultation.
A property visit and assessment plus discussion as in Option B.
Supply an initial hand sketched concept plan, then discuss and fine tune its specifics.
Supply a to scale (1:100) hand-drawn final plan, together with a work progression calender, basic one page species cultural information factsheets for all perennial plants, and a nursery list of where to source all plants.
A second two-hour property visit to discuss all aspects of the final plan.
This service includes four follow up email or phone queries, and costs $880.


  • All rates quoted include GST
  • Visits within Perth metropolitan area do NOT incur travel charges.
  • Visits ousite the Perth metro area DO incur extra travel charges at $66 per hour plus 60 cents per kilometre (the first 50 kilometres is free of charge).
  • Payment for services of less than one day by cash, direct debit or cheque within three working days.
  • Payment for all other services by cheque or direct debit within ten working days of invoice.