Below are some links that I find useful and you may too. If you want your website added, or can recommend any, please email me.

Beyond Gardens Workshops & Seminars Mulchnet (free mulch)
Great Garden Workshops Woblmarket (to reduce food waste & carbon miles)
John Colwill, Plantsman (some quality information) The Greenlife Soil Co. (soils, soil amendments, etc)
SERCUL (heaps of sustainability information) Sand Remedy
W.A. Department of Agriculture & Food Organic Crop Protectants
Greenskills Eco-Organic-Garden
Men of the Trees Eco-Growth (fertilisers, etc)
Perth City Farm Gardeners Direct (organic products delivered to your door)
Landsdale Farm School Custom Composts (WA's premium compost makers)
Open Garden Scheme Bulk Bentonite (Bentonite Products WA)
Environment Society of Australia Bulk Zeolite - email Nick Bell ( - no website
Organic Association of Western Australia Aquaponics/Hydropincs (great local family firm)
Organic federation of Australia Soil Solver
The Rodale Institute (a brilliant institution)  
The Green Directory (links to 'green' products & services)
The Garden Gurus WormFeast (a new way to recycle food scraps)