About Me

As a horticultural consultant I can offer you a variety of advice, training and other services covering a wide range of topics, based on sound knowledge and my extensive experience in all agriculture and horticulture. Based in the Hills just outside of Perth I can provide services to all areas in Western Australia, from the lower south-west to the Kimberleys, and also South Australia.

For ten years I was a senior horticultural officer at the W.A. Department of Agriculture's Garden Advisory Centre and Small Property Advisory Service. The previous fifteen years were spent in fruit and nut research and extension at the Stoneville Horticultural reseach Station. Throughout all those years I worked with a large number of respected specialists including entomologists, pathologists and agronomists, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge.

I have lectured at TAFE, Curtin University and other tertiary instiutions, run short courses and seminars for the public, and managed my family orchard and nursery in the Hills. I give regular guest talks at field days, Garden Week and Curtin and ABC radio. I am also a guest presenter with the Beyond Gardens and Great Gardens teams, where we present free workshops all over the state explaining and promoting sustainable gardening and property management.

Training and education are a passion me as it is so important for people to be able to access the correct information and advice. I actively support the planting of trees for fruit, nut or timber production, not just as ornamentals.

Footnote: My passion for tree crops, especially macadamia nuts, has led to a fascination for Australian native culinary and medicinal plant species, and I donate considerable time to promoting them.